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Asthma is a well known disease that affects millions of people worldwide.

What is not so well known is that in 1998 a natural breathing treatment from Russia known as The Buteyko Method (Click to watch) ,had shown in numerous scientific trials to reduce the need for asthma inhalers by well around 80- 90% in just a few weeks treatments and in many cases after a few days treatment!

The trouble was, there seemed to be not much interest from the official medical community for this non drug treatment for asthma!

Even though a Glasgow GP appeared on the BBC saying he had used the method so successfully that he had cut his asthma bill by a third in just 6 weeks!

For parents with asthmatic children the worry can be immense and even more so in todays unprecedented times.

Well STOP worrying and start ACTING NOW :-)

In this Smart Health® Asthma Kit you have everything you need to improve asthma naturally.

You also get coaching with Mike where you actually get more involved in your own health care.

Mike Clark author of How to Swap Asthma for Life is one of only a handful of Buteyko practitioners in the World and is the only one from England who trained at the Moscow institute and received personal instruction from the late Professor Buteyko in person.

Smart Health® Asthma Kit

  1. 75% off the whole package
  2. How to Swap Asthma for Life digital book
  3. The Art of Breathing digital book
  4. The Non Pc Diet digital book
  5. Weston Price Healthy Nutrition digital book
  6. Breathing Yoga at home smart health audio
  7. Mind spa relaxing breathing audio
  8. Forest sounds/Beach waves relaxing audio
  9. Counting breaths meditation audio
  10. Buteyko Webinar/The Cause of Asthma/The difference between blue, brown purple and the other inhalers /How to spot prevent an asthma attack days before it happens /The problem with mouth breathing /How to get a cough free good nights sleep/Which foods improve asthma and which make it worse/How do the Buteyko Method
  11. Option to continue with Mike's coaching by joining Smart Health Club®