Smart Health® Stress Protection Kit

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You'll get 5 PDF and 10 MP3

Stress plays major role in illness and disease, and in todays unprecedented times many of us are feeling stress on a in increasing level.

Yet unmanaged stress plays havoc on your body's immune system and by reducing this stress both physically by improving our diet and special exercises we can help protect your immune system.

  1. The ABED Method® Award winning health book
  2. The Art of Attitude - Howe to get stronger mentally
  3. The Non Pc Diet
  4. Weston Price Healthy eating book (available now on Amazon priced over £50 )
  5. Health audios including breathing calmly
  6. Beginners meditation
  7. Natural sounds
  8. Hypnosis behaviour change audio
  9. Webinar pass to Stress Relief Coaching Class/Define stress/Causes of stress/Different stresses/Sleep and stress/Food and mood/ Mediation/ Exercise/
  10. Option to continue with MIke's coaching by joining Smart Health Club®